Complan is a 75-year-old brand which has been present in Indian households for more than 5 decades.

Every child’s life should be filled with joyful moments – the first time they ride that bicycle, that rollercoaster ride, jumping off the bed and many more. Let lack of height not come in the way of your child missing out on some of these joyful moments.Clinical study indicates that Complan gives ‘2 times faster growth’*, so that your child doesn’t miss out on any moment and enjoys childhood completely.

Complan’s best ever formula has ‘100% first class protein’ and ‘34 vital nutrients’, which:

  • Provides '2 times faster growth'* & improved weight
  • Supports immunity
  • Helps brain development and it's functioning
  • Maintains fluid balance in the body

Serve Complan to your kid two times a day as part of their daily balanced diet and help your children grow 2 times faster.

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Complan is a health food drink, scientifically designed for growing school children and contains 34 vital nutrients along with 100% milk protein to support growth. Complan is clinically proven to give 2X faster growth* and support memory and concentration*. This nutritious drink is available in 4 yummy flavours - Royal Chocolate , Kesar Badam, Creamy Classic and Pista Badam.

Complan Nutri-Gro

Scientifically formulated for toddlers (2-6years), Complan NutriGro with 11 Pro-Immunity nutrients builds immunity to ensure all round growth*. So that you can remain worry free as your child continues exploring the world!

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