For Immunity and Instant Energy

Glucon-D is India’s No. 1 Glucose powder brand. Launched in 1933, it boasts of a rich heritage of over 85 years. Millions of Indian households have trusted Glucon-D to get Instant Energy when they get tired.

Along with Glucose, Glucon-D Regular variant is a rich source of Vitamin D and Flavour variants are a rich source of Vitamin C. Hence, Glucon-D not only provides Instant Energy but also helps support Immunity.

Presenting Glucon-D ImmunoVolt - specially made to build kid’s immunity in a tasty way

*Glucon-D doesn't contain fruits. Fruits are for creative depiction.

Range of Products

Glucon-D is available in regular and popular flavours of Tangy Orange & Nimbu Pani.

Glucon-D ImmunoVolt is available is yummy Orange and Strawberry flavours.

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Glucon-D Tablets


New Glucon-D Immunovolt - Tasty bites to boost your immunity!

Packed with the goodness of Vitamin C, Vitamin D2 & Zinc, Glucon-D Immunovolt comes in an exciting tablet format which helps support your immunity from within while you don’t even compromise on taste!

Available in Orange, Strawberry, and Kaccha Mango flavours.

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