With a heritage of more than 50 years, Nycil is a well-known & trusted brand. With its instant Germ Kill expertise, Nycil is India’s #1 prickly heat & cooling powder brand, and has also expanded portfolio into hand sanitizer category.

Zydus Wellness, working under the umbrella of health and wellness, have brought to you – Nycil. It is the # 1 brand in prickly heat & cooling powder category.

There is a constant worry for a mother as to whether to let her child play outside during summers or not. She is anxious that playing out will expose him to sunlight & cause excessive sweating, which would lead to summer skin problems such as body odour, itching, rashes & prickly heat.

We at Nycil, understand these summer skin problems and know that they are caused by germs that breed in sweat, and hence only Nycil has anti-bacterial formula that provides 5 benefits:

  • Absorbs Sweat
  • Calms rashes
  • Fights Body Odour
  • Prevents Prickly Heat
  • Soothes Itching

Nycil has delivered its promise of ‘Instant Germ Kill’ for over the years. Recently, the brand extended this equity and launched Nycil Hand Sanitizers. Its unique formulation is enriched with neem and Aloe Vera and Kills 99.9% Germs Instantly!

Range of Products

Today Nycil talcum powder has 7 variants in its portfolio Viz. Nycil Cool Herbal, Nycil Cool Gulabjal, Nycil Cool Sandal, Nycil Cool Aloe, Nycil Cool Lime, Nycil Cool Classic and Nycil Classic.

Nycil is available in many pack sizes, smaller ones which you can carry as travel pack and larger ones for home consumption. You may find Nycil in 400g, 150g, 75g, 50g and 20g.

Nycil Hand Sanitizers are available in 2 variants – Herbal and Germ Expert. They contain ~ 70% alcohol and are enriched with neem and aloe vera. They are available in 50ml, 100ml and 500ml pack sizes.

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