Sugar Free is a name synonymous to the sugar substitute category, is the category leader in india with 94% Market Share.

With the growing awareness about diet, exercise and health, urban individuals have woken up to the ill-effects of excessive Sugar consumption.

Sugar Free serves as the smartest solution for this not-so- sweet situation.

Sugar Free is a low calorie sweetener, safe for consumption and an ideal replacement of Sugar for the calorie conscious, weight watchers and diabetics.

The idea behind Sugar Free is to replace Sugar, to maintain the Sweetness you desire in your desserts & beverages, with Zero Sugar Calories!

Sugar Free doesn't just add Sweetness to your lifestyle, it adds Smartness waali Sweetness!

Our Brand Portfolio

Sugar Free Green

100% Natural* & 0% Sugar, Sugar Free Green is made from Stevia leaves. It’s the perfect natural sweetener for beverages & desserts that you can share with your family including kids.

Sugar Free Natura

Made using Sucralose which is a derivative of Sugar. Sucralose tastes like Sugar, but doesn't contain the same amount of calories. Thus, it allows you to enjoy the sweet flavor of sugar without having to worry about gaining excess calories.

Sugar Free Gold

Your healthier sugar alternative is made from Aspartame - a protein derivative. Sugar Free Gold can be added to tea, coffee, milk, cornflakes, nimbupani, fruit juices etc. So now you can enjoy sweetness & also keep a tab on your calorie intake. It’s ideal for health conscious, overweight & diabetics.

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Sugar Free D'lite Dark Chocolates Portfolio
Sugar Free D'lite Dark Rich Cocoa

Hola Cocoa lovers!
Every bar of Dark Rich Cocoa packs in a minimum of 50% Cocoa to delight your taste buds with richer, darker and creamier chocolate.

Sugar Free D'lite Dark Hazelnut flavour & Roasted Almonds

Bite into a delectable combination of 50 % Cocoa, rich hazelnut flavour & roasted almonds and you're sure to say 'wow'.

Sugar Free D'lite Dark Crispy Quinoa & Roasted Almonds

Fall in love with the desirable combination of crispy Quinoa, roasted almonds and rich chocolate with a minimum of 50% Cocoa that come together in one unforgettable pack.

Sugar Free D'lite Dark Zesty Orange

With great Orange flavour comes oodles of taste. Grab a pack of Dark Zesty Orange to experience the magical combination of Orange and 50% Cocoa.

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Dark Chocolate and Composite Chocolate *TM This is only a Brand Name & Trademark and does not represent its true nature # Maltitol is a polyol which gives natural sweetness