I'm lite

It is 100% natural sugar, made with a blend of Sugar and Stevia. So, it has the sweetness of sugar, but with 50% less calories.

Ordinary sugar has been the largest source of excess calories for years. These excess calories have in turn made more than 13.5 Cr Indians susceptible to or suffering from obesity related concerns. However, giving up sugar not only means a massive change in habit, but also a denial to participate in festivities and not to forget the everyday sweetness in a cup of morning tea or a post lunch dessert.

While everything about the world has changed over the last few decades, our sugar has remained the same. It’s time to look at a smarter Sugar.

Zydus Wellness presents to you I'm lite, a natural blend of cane sugar and stevia which delivers 50% less calories than ordinary sugar.

I'm lite needs to be used only half as much as regular sugar, to deliver the same degree of sweetness and hence it delivers only 50% of the calories that come from ordinary sugar. All this without compromising on the taste.

I'm lite can be used to make all kinds of desserts, beverages or any other food that is made using ordinary sugar, making it an ideal replacement.